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   There are so many ways to get discounts and deals on Walt Disney World tickets and passes that I've had to break this topic up into several topics. Don't count on getting a huge discount on Disney World tickets and passes. You're probably going to have to pay 90-95% of full price. Still, if you're buying passes for a couple or a family, that 5% or 10% discount you get on your Disney tickets can add up to a chunk of money!

Advance Purchase Ticket Discount :  By phone at (407) W-DISNEY - You can purchase tickets in advance by phone.

AAA Ticket Discounts : AAA discounts on selected Magic Your Way tickets (usually 3 to 7 days in length) are available  in advance through most, AAA offices

Florida Resident Ticket Discounts :In order to qualify for Florida Resident pass discounts, you have to show proof of residency such as a valid Florida driver's license or Florida state ID card, showing a Florida address. These passes are also controlled using a biometric finger scan, to prevent them from being transferred to non-Florida residents. Disney has the system down to a science

Military & Civil Service Discounts: Discounted military tickets are available through your local base MWR office. The prices and the exact passes that are available will vary from base to base

Ticket Discounts for Canadians;  Ok this may not be a discount but some times it works, you can buy tickets at the Disney store in Canada, and sometimes if the exchange rate changes, you could save a few dollars.




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